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Stone maintenance and renovation

Stone maintenance and renovation

&Nbsp;   stone renovation process is the Rocky is good but damaged surfaces of stone reconstruction renovation, the method was to use special grinding stone for stone material renovating machine with damaged surfaces, from rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing and, with the crystallization process mirror care, undermines stone in recovery on the basis of natural texture and gloss. Usually natural stone in a long time without maintenance or improper maintenance, there will be large scratches on the surface, deface, seriously affecting the decorative effect of the natural appearance of stone, if replacement is not only costly, but will affect the normal work and life.
&Nbsp;   stone surface after the crystallization process, in the daily use of crystals on the surface will lose its lustre. Then only must on stone for Crystal surface maintenance on can reached and crystal processing as of effect, Crystal surface conservation is with stone Crystal hard agent, and maintenance agent, in dedicated Crystal equipment and the wire cotton and stone mill wipe produced of high temperature double role Xia, through materialized reaction, in stone surface for Crystal arranged, formed a layer clear, and dense, and hard of cover, this process can makes stone color more gorgeous, extended its using life, highlight features is construction flexibility strong, and gloss degrees high, and hardness high, and makes daily nursing work more simplistic.

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