Wall cleaning method

&Nbsp;   home's walls and floors are very easy to get dirty, but different areas have different methods of maintenance, right now is the new year, look different for different wall care method:
&Nbsp;   maintenance of rigid walls and hard surfaces vary, because less wall friction, mainly dust, drops of splashing dirt, such as in the Hall, are mainly dust.
&Nbsp;   cleaning and maintenance daily wipe surfaces from dust, spray wax, water cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis. The wax clean effects and form transparent protective film on the surface, more convenient for daily cleaning.
&Nbsp;   and bathroom walls you should regularly use alkaline detergent, washing must be washed with water, otherwise it will make the surface tarnish.
&Nbsp;   wallpaper wall maintenance:
&Nbsp;   wallpaper wall vacuum cleaning on a regular basis, being careful to vacuum for suction head, daily found that particular dirty in time to erase, water-resistant wall can scrub with water, dry with a dry towel after washing.
&Nbsp;   without water-resistant wall available rubber wipe or dip cleaning liquid with a towel after you wring out lightly, in short, is to remove the dirt, or for a long time will leave a permanent mark.

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