Kitchen supplies should also pay attention to cleaning

&Nbsp;   kitchen furniture maintenance to pay attention to the following:
&Nbsp;  , work table and door panels should not be struck, but can not use sharp tools depict the surface. After use wipe with clean water and wipe surface with a neutral detergent moistened cotton cloth on a regular basis. Notice to keep dry.
&Nbsp;   two-place light, wall cabinets suitable for items such as Spice jar, glass, etc.
&Nbsp;   third, the lower deck of the weight placed on the counter, to keep dry, notice that there are no leaks.
&Nbsp;   four, chrome-plated metal parts should be often wipe with a dry cloth to prevent rust.
&Nbsp;   v, sink with a brush or a cloth dipped in a neutral detergent, avoid using sharp objects depict the surface.
&Nbsp;  -related products used in the kitchen:
&Nbsp;   1, may not be hot Cookware or other high-temperature materials placed directly on the kitchen, feet, heat insulation pad should be used to avoid discoloration or blistering.
&Nbsp;   2, keeping the kitchen clean, after cooking should be clean, dry water stains on kitchen utensils, keep the surface clean and dry, ground water should be cleared in a timely manner to prevent pollution of Cabinet.
&Nbsp;   3, to select national certification authority product as possible, note that each interface, countertop opening section are resin-impregnated edge and iron processing, ensure products are waterproof, fireproof, damp-proof, mildew. BACK

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