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&Nbsp;   cleaning cleaning cleaning limited Shenyang hotel is registered by the relevant functional departments of the Government approved the establishment of a joint-stock home service co., Ltd. Shenyang cleaning, and Shenyang cleaning company, and Shenyang cleaning, and Shenyang cleaning company, and Shenyang carpet cleaning, and Shenyang stone refurbished, and Shenyang stone conservation, and Shenyang smoke road cleaning, and Shenyang outside wall cleaning, and Shenyang tank cleaning, and Shenyang wasteland cleaning company, and Shenyang advertising brand cleaning, and Shenyang carpet cleaning company, and Shenyang outside wall cleaning company, and Shenyang smoke road cleaning company. company registered funds 500,000, has training work field more than 100 more people, service project has months sister-in-law • nanny • nursing • cleaning,. Company in line with the concept and constantly improve themselves, for the majority of urban and rural public services.

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